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Page: After connecting 2 shapes via connector an error appears Page: After log in p4b database no p4b windows can be opened Page: Arrows can not be connected to shapes Page: Axapta Import - Axapta Report with menu item name has duplicate Page: Backup database in SQL Server Page: By opening diagram in one curent language, stencil is on another language Page: Cannot connect to Database - server does not exist or access denied Page: Cannot connect to SQL Server 2005 from DBConfig on Windows 2000 Page: Cannot login to database as Domain-User Page: Cannot login to the database restored to the local SQL Server on Vista Page: Cannot restore database from a network share Page: Change connector size by enabling of automatical connections Page: Change default connector layout Page: Change shapes color and pattern according to the property value Page: Change text fomat of text data grafik Page: Changing font (type) size in Web-Publisher Portal Page: Changing logo in Web-Publisher portal Page: Changing the default width of link area with object and diaram tree Page: Changing the link under Contact to a mail address Page: Changing the mail address of the diagram feedback Page: Changing the size of zomm increasing and decreasing for diagrams Page: Changing the size of zoom increasing and decreasing for diagrams Page: Changing the time of the mouse-over effect Page: Changing the time of the showing of diagram and document list under smart-tag Page: Close DATA by default in Web Portal Page: Cobit Reports use specific UUID's of Cobit default classes Page: Connect to SQL Server via not default tcp port Page: Create registry file in DbConfig on a 64 bit system Page: Create Word Report without renumbering of objects and diagrams Page: Creating new template Page: Creating stencils in different languages Page: Creating your own RACI Template Page: Creating your own style in Portal Page: Database can not be restored in SQL Server Page: DBConfig.xml Error on startup Page: DBConfig xml error on startup Page: Deactivate route around function on a large shape in Visio Page: Deactivating option "Click to activate" in IE 7.0 Page: Delete Enter-symbol from the Excel-Document after Export Page: Diagram numbering in Word Report Page: Diagrams are always opened without stencils Page: Displaying diagrams in Web Publisher Portal and in EPS on Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (Security problem with InternetExplorer) Page: Displaying diagrams in Web Publisher Portal on Windows Server 2003 Page: Drop-down list of SQL Servers is empty in DBConfig on Windows 2000 Page: Edit p4b templates Page: Edit RACI Template Page: Error "3127" by upgrading of a new restored p4b database Page: Error "3149" by login to p4b as simple Windows User without admin rights Page: Error "Cannot generate SSPI contex" by login to p4b Page: Error about to many copies of program running on a network Page: Error applying transforms Page: Error by connecting to the SQL Server database Page: Error by writing to registry in DBConfig Page: Error during import of AX objects to - No attribute with DbName "XY" found Page: Export database from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2000 Page: Failled to create the user due to an invalid password Page: Flag for "Setup IIS website at target location" is disabled Page: Formulas Page: Formulas or conditions are not calculated Page: Hide fileds home, help, contact from Web Portal Page: Import of Excel file takes very long time Page: Installation of failed Page: Installation of failed-2 Page: License server configuration can not be updated Page: Link to a chapter of Word document does not work in Web Page: Link types for classes Input-Output and Activity Page: Log file can not be written by starting license server Page: Minimal rights in SQL Server to login to Page: Minimal rights in SQL Server to restore database Page: Modeler data grid looks incorrect after changing Windows theme to Classic Page: No permissions for publication folder Page: Not possibe to change the color of shapes on Visio 2003 Page: Not possible to create a p4b object by drag-and-drop the shape on diagram Page: Not possible to open a folder defined in property with type PATH Page: Object properties can not be displayed in Web Portal Page: On Vista diagrams cannot be opened from Repository Page: Opening P4B objects using hyperlinks Page: p4b API Description Page: p4b can not be started under Windows user Page: p4b menu does not appear in Visio menu bar-1 Page: p4b menu does not appear in Visio menu bar-2 Page: P4b menu is not displayed correctly Page: Password for user "sa" in SQL Server 2005 installed with setup Page: Peculiarities of operations "copy", "cut", "copy to", "move to", "copy, paste special" for objects Page: Poblem with database backup Page: Port 80 is blocked. Web Publisher Portal does not work (e.g. with default settings of skype) Page: Ports that are used by the Licence server for the communication over the network Page: Problems with p4b menus after migrating from 5.2.2 to 5.3 Page: Reducing diagram opening time in Web Portal Page: Restore database from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005 Page: Restore database into SQL Server Page: Select feature to install from command line Page: Server license Page: Setup silent mode installation parameters Page: Shape can not be updated on diagram(s) Page: Shape should grow together with the text Page: Showing diagram's properties on a diagram Page: Showing object's properties on diagram Page: Silent mode install generation page (5.3.0) Page: Silent mode install generation page (5.3.1 and 5.3.2) Page: Silent mode install generation page (5.4.0) Page: Simple Windows user can not save profiles in DBConfig Page: Start setup with log Page: Stencil can not be saved with diagram Page: Text area is placed out of shape Page: Validation message by opening Axapta diagrams with Visio 2003 Page: Visio menus are duplicated Page: Web-Publishing in case that MS-IIS-Webserver is installed on non-local computer Page: Web-Publishing under PHP does not display anything in the portal - Problem with Extensions Page: How to create new web-publisher themes and save them in the db Page: Test 2 link Page: test Page: List of databases is not shown in the DBConfig Page: Translatable Formula results Page: How-to adapt smart Tag icons for EPS and WebPublisher Page: Diagrams in p4b does not match the diagrams in SP Page: Repository tab not visible when GUI is German Page: Empty cells or rows in the Excel-Export Sheet when selecting several languages for translation Page: Error on "P4b-update instances" (0x86DB052D) Page: Set diagram property to calculate the sum of specific diagram objects' property values Page: Silent mode install generation page (6.1.0) Page: Exception 0x800AC472 on export/import to/from Office 2013 document Page: Visio 2013 may crash if you use Replace Shape and "old" stencil format with "new" diagram format Page: Silent mode install generation page (6.2.0) Page: The missing Visio is not detected on changing the MOD installation. Page: Silent mode install generation page (7.0.0) Page: Restoring SQL Server database backup to an older version of SQL Server Page: Extension icons Page: DbConfig icons Page: "The transaction log for database is full " error on restoring to a version Page: document template for Word - Document Composer Page: "Dynamix AX layers" extension Page: Connectors names are in German if content language is English or French Page: Database structure and format of import Excel-file for Axapta Import 2012 Page: DbUpgrade error (630_8.sql) Page: Diagrams are not displayed Page: Do not show the data graphic icon when the Enum value is not set Page: Enhancements in the Diagram tree in 6.0.0 Page: Format of import Excel-file for Axapta Import 2009 Page: How to configure SQL-Server DB Instance to use static port Page: Import of object links via ExcelImport Page: Not possible to create a user with the name of the deleted one Page: Not possible to install p4b setup on XP with deactivated databases Page: Problems with printing diagrams in Visio with more than A4 size Page: Silent mode install generation page (6.0.0) Page: SVG diagrams are not displayed on my local machine when the WP HTML site is located on network path Page: Visio crashes permanently Page: What kind of shape-specific number has a shape